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    So logic must be that because there are stressful things going on in a child’s life, you should balm the stress with BUYING SHIT!

    Especially a puppy! Because puppies are really easy to take care of and solve problems!

    I guess I’ve been doing parenting rong, y’all. Next time minisparks has serious stress, I’ll just go BUY HER STUFF!

    Oh wait. I’m poor and can’t afford anything extra.

    I guess I’m just ruining her life EVEN MOAR!

    I remember going to the supermarket (the A&P! Ha!) and if I had been very, very good, SarhaHeartburn Sr. would buy me a Golden Book , because a book! was the best present ever. Jeezus. Was I a rube or what?

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  17. rouxfully said: nefariousnewt.tumblr.co… Aaaaand his additional response to this is WELL DIVORCE IS TERRIBLE! I’M NOT HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS!!1
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  23. cocothinkshefancy said: when parents got divorced, my mom got me drunk. that was way better than a puppy. maybe not the best parenting.
  24. tehblackbirdisrunning said: My mom parented by buying us shit and we are ALL KINDS of fucked up.
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