1. jessicavalenti:

    Lots of smart people have weighed in on Jill Abramson being fired from The New York Times, so I’m not going to rehash what’s already been said so well. But what strikes me as notable is that those who are skeptical - incredulous, even - over the role that sexism may have played in…

  2. awesomepeoplehangingouttogether:

    Yves Montand watching Marilyn Monroe who’s watching Arthur Miller who’s watching Simone Signoret who’s watching Yves Montand

  3. elhumanoide:

    Si hay que perseguir a gente que incite al odio y a la violencia por las redes sociales, que empiecen por estos (por ejemplo)

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  4. "A voodoo priestess and her supposed bodyguards allegedly robbed a victim after a palm reading in Tremé."

    The local news in New Orleans is rarely uninteresting. (via cajunboy)

    I do so love NOLA.

  5. theuncolonizedmind:




    Times Square today, courtesy of American Muslims for Palestine.

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    This is incredible!

    I work near this!!

    even more phenomenal in person!!! i stood there in awe for a bit at how powerful this was

    فلسطين فوق الجميع

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  6. wechalkwalk:

    Hollaback! Brussels, Place de la Monnaie, Brussels, Belgium

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  7. stopmakingsensestills:

    Tina, Lynn, Edna, David and Alex (THIS MUST BE THE PLACE)

    …..i’m so homesick today…

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  8. When my married friend asks if I’m meeting men in the right places


    and I’m like…

    What? You tellin’ me Mr. Right doesn’t hang out under bridges?

  9. peterfeld:

    National Lampoon, August 1972. First use of “OMIGOD” I can remember seeing.

    Lazlo Toth. My kinda guy.

  10. X-Ray Spex

    For Mr. Roadkill.

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  11. funkycatsterz:

    I am a part of the amazing organization Hollaback LA. We spread education on street harassment and do activism to try to stop it. Please check out the website to learn more: ihollaback.org

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  12. cajunboy:

    This guy has no fucks to give. None.



  13. saturdaynightdead:

    Depeche Mode - Just Can’t Get Enough

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  14. 99percentinvisible:

    Ever notice how sign stores have really bad signage?

  15. peterfeld:

    Disagree with @dhm that this is “the worst Photoshop of all time.” I think it’s the best.

    Oh, ChubsyWubsy, there’s going to be something very heavy on your nose.