1. son of god my ass.

    Yeah, the basis of Western moral philosophy is a teenager who swears he didn’t put it in.

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  2. squeela:

    When you get in a daze on the N/R platform at Union Square and take the N instead of the R (local) and don’t realize it until you’re going over the bridge to Brooklyn, and then because the R doesn’t go from Brooklyn to Manhattan right now, you have to take the N all the way to Canal and walk five minutes to find the R and then take that back down to Whitehall Street. And then explain it to your boss when they wonder why you’re late.

    And I suppose nowadys neither “I was drunk” or “I was sober” counts for shit as an excuse in journalism. Me, I have had some limited success with “They changed my meds last week and my sense of time is off.”

  3. The Elves’ Christmas song from Futurama;  Dedicated to all the elvish service workers whose labor allows the rest of us to get drunk and fight with our families in this holy season.

    We are free and fairly sober 

    with so many toys to build

    The machines are kind of tricky 

    Probably someone will be killed

    But we’d gladly work for nothing

    Which is good because we don’t intend to pay

    The elves are back to work today

  4. A happy Irish-American Christmas to you too. And Al-Anon is in the Yellow Pages.

  5. I hate to be disloyal to the 80’s, but I think The Donnas’ version of “Christmas Wrapping” is winning my heart.

  6. My favorite nativity scene, courtesy of the window display in the costume rental store right down my street (c/Amor de Dios, Madrid)

  7. Let’s not forget that Xmas is a religious holiday.

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  8. jessicavalenti:

    Think I found my new Twitter bio: “greasy dego housewife from Brooklyn.” Thanks, Grumpy Cat!

    (for those asking: “dego” = “dago”, an ethnic slur against Italians)

    From now on you should refer to yourself as a dayglow housewife.

  9. generalelectric:

    Shooting today at the CSX Northwest Ohio Intermodal Terminal. GE-powered trains ship everything from appliances, to automotive parts, to clothing through this terminal on a daily basis. (at CSX Intermodal Terminal)

    I love industry.

  10. sclez:

    Art college

    Don’t ask the question if you can’t handle the answer.

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  11. dowlingforsoup:

    The English Beat - I Confess


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  12. "We are living in a material world and I am a material girl."

    This clears up sooo much.

    Karl Marx (via dylanzarate)

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  13. Ms.Heartburn regrets that she has been a trifle distracted and sad and off the grid lately. She hopes to recusitate your and her interest in her life with the attached video-dancy-whoopystuff. Cause ya know, I feel for youze. And if you’re really youngish, thank your blessings you weren’t around in this fashion nightmare. 

  14. sampsonnn:

    Gary Clark Jr. - Don’t Owe You A Thang
    Let’s start the Saturday night concert. 

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  15. Apparently this is my 5th anniversary on Tumblr. And to think I was a mere slip of a girl of 53 when I started….

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