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    i received this gif in an email from my friend jessica guilfoyle. subject line: “everything”


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    This book will both frustrate and inspire you.

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    This is fucking disturbing.

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    Our puppycat Skeeter died overnight. He lived with us 17 years, but we were never sure how old he was because he was a stray who most decidedly chose us as his family. He showed up in the neighborhood one summer, friendly as could be. I’d ask all the neighbors, “anyone know who this orange cat belongs to?” No one did so all of us fed him and named him “Orange.” He’d greet anyone who walked outside, truly knew no strangers. We already had a cat, Kiki, whose baptismal name was Hugh Emerson Woolie, HEW. It took the entire summer and a campaign of tears and much cajoling to convince Mr Woolie to adopt Skeeter. The two cat boys would take naps together on either side of the screen door, normally Kiki hissed at any other cat who dared cross his porch or yard. That the two boys got along and the few times Skeeter would curl up on Mr Woolie’s lap while he drank beer on the deck finally opened the doors.

    Skeeter was a one man welcoming committee, the perfect host to anyone who came over to our house. His two greatest loves were food and cuddling. I think he thought guests came over to give him more food, quite frankly. And he thought, “oh, you’re sitting down? Allow me to cuddle up on your lap. Then I’ll show you to the kitchen and you can feed me!” Like a true puppycat he’d greet us at the door every single day when we came home with lots of meowing until food was placed in his bowl. He loved to curl up at night and watch TV, and I tell you there is no greater sleeping pill than a warm and cuddly cat snurring away.

    Skeeter loved the human boys and they loved and adored him. Kiki was a bit irked after they joined us and took to the basement in protest, hissing from the steps if they peeked down the stairs at him. Skeeter only saw more food to be given and more cuddles. He loved to stretch out on my belly when I was pregnant. He still sat on my lap, but if the cubs became available he went right over to them. He gave them kisses by rubbing his face against theirs, and always came to comfort them when they cried.

    He was greatly loved, not only by his family but everyone he met far and wide. An internet famous cat. We are very lucky to have had him for as long as we did.

    We took him outside yesterday and spent the day saying our goodbyes and talking about our memories of him. He came outside again for dinner and had a little chicken. It’s somehow fitting that we spent so much time outside yesterday. He’s been an inside cat, but when he came to us all those years ago we spent our time together outside. He enjoyed the sun and the smells. He made a full circle.

    To all the people in the world who complain that the Internet is isolating us. I’m sitting here 4000 miles away from someone I  have never met, tears in my eyes because her beloved cat has died (after he enjoyed a long and happy life with a wonderful family.) RIP Skeeter, an epic cat. 

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    Salvador Dali in Cadaques

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    A 1907 panorama of GE’s facilities in Schenectady, New York. 

    I grew up in the shadow of the GE building in Manhattan in the 60s. And I love factories.

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    -Jody, BL Show-

    Aw, damn. Miss my 7 train, pase lo que pase…..

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    Seriously, don’t freak out. Here’s what you need to know.

    -Jody, BL Show-

    Friends of mine in public health have been saying this for over 25 years, so I guess it’s right.

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    Where are the Dog Days of Summer in the Northeast?

    It might be the middle of what is historically the hottest time of the year, but it certainly does not feel like the dog days of summer across many places in the East. AccuWeather.com Meteorolgoist Courtney Spamer explains why.

    Also there are videos of dogs in there because why not. 

    And amazingly not so hellishly bone-dry hot here in Madrid this year (nice after last turn-me-into-beef-jerky summer). Guess we’ll pay for it next winter.

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    Tina Turner, 1974

    Saw Tina opening for the Stones in 75. Pearls before swine.

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  14. Missing hillbillyplease! from FB but hope to see her around here soon.


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    There’s probably a “hung jury” joke in here somewhere, but I just can’t make it work.

    Really hope he doesn’t get a long stretch.