1. stopmakingsensestills:

    Tina, Lynn, Edna, David and Alex (THIS MUST BE THE PLACE)

    …..i’m so homesick today…

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  2. When my married friend asks if I’m meeting men in the right places


    and I’m like…

    What? You tellin’ me Mr. Right doesn’t hang out under bridges?

  3. peterfeld:

    National Lampoon, August 1972. First use of “OMIGOD” I can remember seeing.

    Lazlo Toth. My kinda guy.

  4. X-Ray Spex

    For Mr. Roadkill.

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  5. funkycatsterz:

    I am a part of the amazing organization Hollaback LA. We spread education on street harassment and do activism to try to stop it. Please check out the website to learn more: ihollaback.org

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  6. cajunboy:

    This guy has no fucks to give. None.



  7. saturdaynightdead:

    Depeche Mode - Just Can’t Get Enough

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  8. 99percentinvisible:

    Ever notice how sign stores have really bad signage?

  9. peterfeld:

    Disagree with @dhm that this is “the worst Photoshop of all time.” I think it’s the best.

    Oh, ChubsyWubsy, there’s going to be something very heavy on your nose. 

  10. dms-a-jem:

    No one in the world ever gets what they want and that is beautiful
    Everybody dies frustrated and sad and that is beautiful

    - They Might Be Giants “Don’t Let it Start”

    Brilliant song, and some of the best life advice I’ve ever gotten. TMBG are good big brothers.

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  11. #262: Yesterday night at the pub:


    Me: Can I have a Guinness, please?

    Male bartender: Half?

    Me: No, a pint, thanks.

    Male bartender: Are you sure? You don’t look like you can handle it…

    Me: *gives perfect look to show how much of a skidmark on society this man is*

    Male bartender: You’re so little and blonde, I didn’t think women like you drank pints.

    I literally threw my change at him. I was absolutely fucking fuming. 

    Ah, yes. “Havana 7 straight up? You sure, honey?”

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  12. When I go on a trip with my married friends and they make me sleep on the couch so they don’t have to “waste” a queen bed


    and I’m like…

    Yeah, done that, never again. (PS said couple is now divorced.

  13. 99percentinvisible:

    If you find yourself in San Francisco International Airport this month, you should consider checking out the exhibit Classic Plastics 1870s - 1970s. This show, featuring early celluloid, Bakelite, and fiberglass products, runs through January 2014. The collection includes an Eames chair and a Noguchi radio. 

    And yes, you read that correctly. It’s in an airport. SFO. At level 3 of the departures building.

  14. therandominmyhead:

    The collar from the vet was too big so this kitty’s improvising.

    I think Spencer Cox would approve of this. 

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  15. fromgreecetoanarchy:

    Marina Ginesta, anti-fascist fighter in the Spanish Civil War when she was just 17, died today aged 94.

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